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3 min readSep 26, 2022


Whale Alert was founded on two key values: providing Trust and Transparency, which are essential ingredients for a healthy blockchain ecosystem. Our work since has been focused on showing how blockchain works (and how it doesn’t work) through both Whale Alert and Scam Alert, but as blockchain grew, it became clear that we needed more powerful tools to be able to provide the community with the best possible data.

You won’t be able to tell from looking at the prices right now, but blockchain is growing fast with millions of transactions being made every day. Whale Alert needed a new system that could handle the increased volume and we had to build it ourselves. During the pandemic we have been working on the best blockchain tracker we could come up with and after a lot of coding, cursing, redesigning, and endless testing, we managed to create a world class tracking system consisting of dozens of computers dedicated to collecting, analyzing and storing data from over over 100 different sources.

Artist’s rendition of the new Whale Alert

So what’s new?

Our goal is to track and analyze all major blockchains in real time, but also to collect and store all historical and off-chain data needed for analysis. The result of our work is a complex system with the following features:

  • Capable of tracking any blockchain, coin or token, even cross blockchain
  • Real-time analysis: transactions and addresses are analyzed instantly (including coinjoin and change detection)
  • Hundreds of millions of addresses attributed to hundreds of different entities including address type (hot, cold, deposit etc.)
  • Billions of transactions for different blockchains stored in one single easy to use format
  • Fully scalable and future proof: any protocol can be added regardless of throughput
  • Self-healing database with integrity and sanity checks to ensure data is complete and up to date
  • Additional interesting tweets: awakened dormant addresses, extreme fees, blockchain milestones etc.
  • And much more!

Whale Alert version 2.0 already powers the Scam Alert initiative and enables us to map and track criminal activity with very high speed and accuracy (you’d be surprised how much stolen crypto ends up on exchanges). But the possibilities don’t end there. We are working closely with renowned universities on various blockchain related research topics. Our data and tools are invaluable for researchers who up until now have been limited to nodes, explorers and outdated databases. The same goes for traders, developers, law enforcement and anyone else who benefits from more transparency. Additionally, we have several exciting new products lined up that will make full use of the data we produce. More on that soon!

Coming up!

Over the next weeks we will be upgrading our existing API attribution system (with Bitcoin already done as we write this), which will result in more accurate transaction reporting on our Twitter and Telegram channels and better attribution in our old API. Also, more blockchains will soon be to be added to our social media reporting including Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Algorand and many more! Our new v2.0 API is expected to be released later this year and will include more transactions, more blockchains and more attribution and transaction types.

If you would like to see your blockchain added to Whale Alert as well, please contact us!



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